Agglomeration is the process of particle size enlargement and it is used to transform fine material into manageable, usable and saleable products.

What is Agglomeration?  

Most commonly, it refers to the upgrading of material fines into larger particles, such as briquettes, pellets extrusions or granules, but it can also be used to turn sludge-like materials into a dry, granular product.  

The number of sectors accessing agglomeration solutions is increasing, as more material applications are developed. 

Equipment and processing methods depend on product goals and the material’s characteristics. Feasibility testing helps to determine the equipment and combinations needed to produce the best results. 


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The Benefits of Agglomeration.  

From an economic and environmental perspective, agglomeration offers a variety of multidimensional benefits right through the value chain, from raw materials to end-product and waste. These include: 

Improved handling & transportation

Improved end-product characteristics

More efficient utilisation of raw or waste materials

Significant dust reduction

Cost saving

Reduction of environmental stockpile footprint

Agglomeration Applications.  

The use of agglomeration solutions has grown from a few key industries to diverse industries as material applications with new applications constantly being developed. Common industry applications where waste and fine materials are converted into re-usable or saleable products include:

Stainless Steel

Mill-scale and bag-house dusts, raw materials, steel turnings and fine nickel. 

Metallic oxides and ores

Chrome, cobalt, copper concentrates, iron, manganese, lead, zinc. 


Lime, dolomite, magnesium, fluorspar, sulphur, rock phosphate.  

Ferroalloys non-ferrous alloys

Silicon, ferro-silicon, silicon-manganese, ferro-manganese, ferro-chrome, silicon-carbide, ball-mill dust, all related bag-house dusts and slags, cyclone dusts, DRI iron fines, magnetite, scrap iron fines, tailings of all kinds.


Coke, all coal grades, steam coal fines, coal sludge, activated carbon, charcoal, graphite, carbon black, anthracite.  


Dros and flux. 

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