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    Frequently Asked Questions.  

    Our specialty is to operate plants. Currently we are operating several full scale plants on a contractual basis.
    Here are a few frequently asked questions and a map of the places we operate in. Contact us if there are any other questions you have.

    What is the Value of Agglomeration?

    For manufacturers with significant waste issues, briquetting offers compelling ROI. A few main benefits include: Improved handling & transportation, Improved end-product characteristics, Efficient utilisation of raw or waste materials and Significantly reduced dust production.

    What is the process if we are interested?

    Once we have established a relationship with you and you are interested in agglomeration, we will then conduct a series of tests and collect samples that will help us determine the best solution for you. We will work hand in hand with you to bring you the best solution.

    What is Agglomeration?

    The use of agglomeration solutions has grown from a few key industries to diverse industries as material applications with new applications constantly being developed. Agglomeration is the process of particle size enlargement. Most commonly, it refers to the upgrading of material fines into larger particles.

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