With over 15 years of experience, Picko takes pride in its ability to deliver flexible and cutting-edge solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients. Choose from two easy to use service models: 

Scalable and Modular Containerised Plants.  

Our plants are ingeniously designed to be scalable, accommodating varying project sizes and capacities. From small-scale operations to large-scale industrial projects, Picko’s modular approach ensures seamless adaptability. Our pilot scale plants are highly mobile and can be easily transported to different locations, maximising operational efficiency.

The Toll-Free Contract Advantage.  

Embracing the toll-fee contract basis, we empower our clients with a host of benefits:  


We understand our clients’ needs may change over time. With our toll-fee contract model, you have the flexibility to adjust the terms and durations of the contract to align with evolving requirements.  

Operational Independence 

Our clients have the freedom to choose who operates the plants. Choose our team’s expertise to deliver the service, or if you prefer, you can operate it in-house. 

Focus on Core Business 

With Picko taking care of the plant operations, you can concentrate on your core business activities, knowing your waste management is in reliable hands.  

Reduced Risk 

We assume responsibility for plant maintenance and product performance, mitigating potential risks and allowing our clients to concentrate on their growth and success

Picko believes in providing customers with
solutions with sustainable results

With satisfied customers for more than ten years, we have the global footprint
and network to deliver solutions to your needs.

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