The Agglomeration

With satisfied customers for more than ten years, we have the global footprint and network to deliver solutions to your needs.

Turn your manufactured byproducts into revenue with the proven Picko Briquetting system.  

Our History.

Picko was established in 2008 under the visionary leadership of Piet van Schalkwyk, who secured a contract to manage a pelletising plant located at BHP Billiton in Meyerton, South Africa. With a keen focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, Piet successfully transformed waste streams at the smelter into reusable products, significantly reducing historical waste and eliminating current arisings. His exceptional efforts were recognised with a prestigious global environmental award in Melbourne, Australia, for this ground-breaking waste management initiative. 

Our Expertise.

At Picko, we recognised the necessity for specialised services to effectively operate such facilities. Our extensive experience, spanning nearly two decades, has highlighted that the continuous feasibility of these operations rely heavily on ongoing research and development. As a result, we are dedicated to continuously developing innovative binding technologies and state-of-the-art equipment that can adapt to changing raw feed materials and cost implications. 

    Our Commitment.

    Picko believes in providing customers with solutions with sustainable results underpinned by our quality products as a philosophy for success. To achieve quick turnaround, our approach is to first consider pre-configured Picko solutions, and if not achievable, to then proceed to a solution development process.












    Our Key Values.  

    Transparency and Integrity

    Building long-term trust relationships with our clients is essential to us. We are committed to open and honest communication, ensuring that our clients are always aware of the progress and implications of our solutions. 

    Innovation and Effectiveness

    Our team diligently works to provide innovative and effective solutions that align with our clients’ needs and the ever-evolving landscape of waste management. 

    Continuous Quality Improvement

    At Picko, we never settle for mediocrity. Instead, we consistently strive for excellence, refining our methods and technologies to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

    Our Partnerships.  

    Picko created a joint venture with Deneb investments Limited in 2022 called Explorius, focussing on the development of green carbon replacement products. Along with this joint venture, we partner in new product development and distribution of two of Deneb’s companies for the Australian market. 

    Blue Reef Water Solutions

    Blue Reef Water Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a level 3 BBBEE supplier and a subsidiary of Deneb Investments Limited – an investment holding company with interests in property, manufacturing, and branded product distribution. 


    Gold Reef Speciality Chemicals

    Gold Reef Speciality Chemicals (Pty) Ltd has been manufacturing at its Durban-based facility for more than 40 years. With its origin in adhesives for carpets and textiles, it has, through the years, diversified its product range to cater for a diverse spread of industries in which it is active today. 

    Explore Agglomeration types,
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    Agglomeration of fine by-products have become a major benefit over the past few years.
    There are three main agglomeration types, have a look below.

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